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Metro Property Dealing is one in every of the simplest property managements; they need a bent to understand management of managing properties on top of many others most importantly, they need a bent to like for property-managements! In contrast to the real estate agents in Surrey hills that manages all the properties in here and there similarly everywhere! Their purchasers love one purpose to contact regarding all of their own property wishes. In fact they look once properties across over the 260 suburbs in Melbourne! 

They analysis and understand the entire market all over Melbourne similarly have designed alliances together with varied investment corporations and also the developers enabling u. s. to produce you by relevant of investment information. They need a bent to seen as a result of the consultants throughout this field. 

Metro collectively encompasses a specialized similarly dedicated best leasing and Their own key-role; to remain proactive similarly implement ways in which minimize the vacancies for finds the only tenant regarding you that ensures the householders about keeping their property for sale that are maintained up to now and suggested. They constantly invest out for work associated technology making sure that you simply because the best homeowners, are delineate by consultants in to their field. Metro Property Management is for your future property holder or partner which they’re assured that they’ll exceed out your all expectations and look forward for establishing a lengthy term best relationship on you for many years to return back. 

Leah is the director of Metro Property Management, his best accomplishments are following: 

  1. Most senior chairwoman of REIV board (2018-19) 
  2. Being a completely commissioned property Agent 
  3. Rewarded by Certificate IV for work & Assessment 
  4. Having a lot of over twenty years’ experience.  
  5. REIV Winner of being Residential Property Manager from 2010 year 
  6. REIA challenger for Residential Property Manager of 2011 year 
  7. REIV challenger Residential Property Manager of 2011-2013 year 
  8. Challenger at intervals the house (Australian property Awards), Property Manager of 2013 year 


Metro Property Management have variety of skilled property agents and managers that are dealing across everywhere the Victoria VIC  

  • Australian property Business Winner for Metropolitan Property Manager of 2014, 2016 year 
  • Family-Violence-Housing Member to assist and Taskforce Implementation  
  • Terra firma Residential and Property Manager Speakers, 
  • The Leading Australian Property Manager 
  • Best Contributor of Magazine API, (Herald Sun & the Age). wonderful Author for Management of Property that’s based on blog for all Property Agents and Observers computing machine similarly for all the simplest Housing Property Managers on-line web site 
  • Current member of REIV 
  • REIV member of the current chair 
  • The foremost long REIV member for the management of Property Chapter 
  • MAD LADY’s member of Board, stands for “Make A Difference” Foundation 
  • Handling a thirty three member’s team across everywhere the Oversees 
  • Additionally operative mum together with 3 youngsters 
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